Making A Beer! Your Beer!

Grab a Glass and Fill er' up, because you just landed on the soon to be number one beer site in the world,  well the USA anyway!  This is a beer haven for those who want to learn, need help, and those who just want to kick it and catch the latest in beer.  All beer, anything beer, its all welcome here!

Welcome to MakingABeer.com!  Soon to be the most comprehensive and largest beer recipe sharing and storing system in the world!   Share Beer, Make Beer, Find Beer,  Rate Beer,  and Best of all...Drink Beer While Learning about Beer!

Coming Soon! You will be able to buy your favorite recipes from our sister site BrewBeerSupplies.com!  Our goal is to make beer brewing fun,  easy,  and extremely enjoyable.  We like beer,  we like cheaper beer, and we like it when it comes easy!  Our sister site, is all about a huge variety of pre-made kits that are simple, fully instructed, and full of time saving and money saving tips.

Along with this site, fully developed for FREE!  for you to come on and rate, store your statistics, and continue enjoying better cheaper beer  with the satisfaction that you made it!

With that, go at it,  Tear It Up,  and finally we don't recommend driving while drinking, while browsing this web-beerapidia-site, also not while operating any massive backhoes, dumptrucks, or otherwise!


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